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Period leave: what is it and do we need it in the UK?

Periods, it seems natural for every woman, but based on the data, more than 1in 5 of women suffered from dysmenorrhea and rang from 37 to 91 percent of women may face heavy periods. 

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The painful periods can be as bad as heart attack according to the professor of family planning and productive health department at University College London, Dr. John Guillebaud.



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What is Period Leave Policy ?

To address this particular women issue, many Asian countries including Japan, South Korea, Indonesian and some areas in China applied period leave policy. The regulation allows women have the option to take time off during periods. 

Coexist, the UK social enterprise company in Bristol has been the pioneer who introduced the policy in the company in 2016. In 2017, Italy has been the first country in Europe to propose menstrual leave on a national scale, and the proposal caused fierce debate in the parliament and the society. 


Do we really need this policy in the UK? 

There is heated debate around the period leave and BBC News, BBC chanel 4 and ITV all have discussed the issue. Bex Baxter, the company director and first person who initiated the period leave at Coexist believed it can give women flexible working time and can empower women in the workplace. But people worry about the idea is sexist and cause inequality for the work environment. There is no clear answer for it, but we can indicate it’s difficult to bring the legislation out to the public.  

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