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Paris Attacks suspect Abdeslam arrested in Brussels

Salah Abdeslam was arrested in a police raid in Molenbeek near Brussels (Paris Match). He is suspected of taking part in the Paris Attacks in November and was searched for all over Europe. He was the most wanted man in Europe.

As Abdeslam refused to yield, police shot in his leg to catch him.

Two other men were arrested as well. They are not Soufiane Kayal or Mohamed Abrini, who are still on the run. The two could still be hiding in Molenbeek. The raid is so still in process at 7 pm.

According to French correspondents for Le Monde and Itélé, grenades and explosions can still be heard. The tracking and the assault were led by both French and Belgian police. According to the bourgmestre (mayor) of Molenbeek Françoise Schepman, the assault could still last several hours.

Polics cars in front of the Bataclan during November Attacks (Paris) Credits: Wikipedia

Salah Abdeslam’s DNA was found in a South Brussels flat after Monday’s police raid. It showed the presence of Abdeslam in Brussels. The element found in this flat may have led to the house in Molenbeek.

Shootings took place in the supposed unoccupied flat located in Forest (South Brussels) after a police raid. Four policemen from Belgium and France were injured in the assault.

The member of EI was identified as Mohamed Belkaïd, also known as Samir Bouzid, who coordinated the Paris Attacks by text and sent money to terrorist Abaaoud’s cousin who died in an assault in November.

He and Soufiane Kayal came back from Syria in September through the Balkans. Abdeslam went to Hungary to take them back to Belgium.

French President François Hollande and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel follow the raid in Brussels and may speak tonight (Libération). They were both attending the European Summit. Charles Michel left it in emergency when the assault started.

Sub-edited by Katy Scott