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Ofsted chief claims some faith schools are deliberately resisting British values

Amanda Spielman has said some children are being “taught solely religious texts, at the expense of being taught even basic English and maths”.

Ofsted points out worrying practices in some faith schools (Image: backonthebus)

Amanda Spielman, the head of The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), has said that some faith schools are “deliberately resisting both British values and the requirements of equalities law.”

At the annual Ofsted report Ms Spielman highlighted a worrying number of practices taking place in faith schools.

She said that Ofsted inspectors had in some cases found texts which “encouraged domestic violence and the subjection of women”.

Ofsted reported that the number of independent schools which were judged to be “less than good” has increased again this year, from 28% to 32%. A proportion of institutions from this category were Christian, Jewish, or Muslim faith schools which tended to be highly conservative.

Several of these schools were found to be in an unsafe, or even squalid condition. In some cases staff had not even been subjected to standard background checks, which confirm if an adult is suitable to work with children or not.

In a number of schools Ofsted inspectors found instances of sexist and sectarian literature.

However, Ms Spielman did go on to say that this was not representative of all faith schools. She stated that the vast majority of faith schools which Ofsted inspects provided a good education.