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NHS crisis needs to be resolved: “We should focus above all on the NHS” Boris Johnson said after Conservative won the election

Last week, a picture of a four-year-old boy was wearing an oxygen mask and lying on the floor in Leeds hospital shocked the public.

The little boy called Jack, who was sent to the hospital by ambulance with suspected pneumonia. However, his mom and he were waiting for a bed for more than eight hours in the clinical treatment room.

“The NHS is in crisis… It was so busy. There are just not enough beds.” Jack’s mother Sarah Williment told to Independent.

“He just couldn’t settle or get comfy, he said he wanted to lay down.”

Jack Williment-Barr was discharged the next day after being diagnosed with influenza and tonsillitis. Photograph: Mirror

Jack was later discharged after being diagnosed with Influenza A and tonsillitis. The hospital bosses have apologized to the family for long waiting.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth heard about the news, said: “This is shameful. Boris Johnson should personally apologise to Jack and his family. A decade of Tory cuts has brought us to this crisis in our NHS.

“If the Tories win on Thursday, patients including children will suffer five more years of this. We need a Labour government to save our NHS.” However, Jonathan’s wish didn’t come true. The Conservative won the election at last.

Catherine Smith, a lady who wrote a post on Twitter about her bad and similar memory in the hospital. “Mum has a bad chest infection on top of very advanced Alzheimer’s. Has been on a trolley in a triage area for nearly 24 hours. Hospital full. No sign of a bed yet. Many others in a similar situation. It is sad and worrying. Staff working their socks off but they deserve better.”

Less than three-quarters (74.5%) of people were treated in an emergency room in England and then discharged, admitted or transferred within four hours. A study by leading NHS doctors also found that nearly 5,500 people died in the waiting line in an A&E unit in the crowded hospital.

Due to the tremendous pressure on the NHS, A & E waiting times are at their worst on record. Doctors and hospital owners worried that it would be a very tough winter.

“Funding for the NHS has failed to keep pace with a rising need for healthcare. The NHS does not have enough staff, or enough equipment, to meet the needs of the population it serves.

“Staff works incredibly hard under increasing pressure, but ultimately can’t protect patients from feeling the effects. Behind these figures are people waiting often long and anxious waits, struggling in pain, or at risk of illness worsening in the meantime.”

Labour party focus much on the NHS with their campaign. “Please vote wisely.” The voter who supported Labour said.

However, the result of the election also come up with a lot of queries. Will the NHS be privatized? This would be the main unsure thing for the public. The only thing we know is that Boris Johnson said he would try to solve the NHS crisis as the ‘top priority’.

“I frankly urge everyone on either side of what was, after three and a half years, after all an increasingly arid argument, to find closure and to let the healing begin,” Johnson said.

“Because I believe – in fact, I know, because I have heard it loud and clear from every corner of the country – that the overwhelming priority of the British people now is that we should focus above all on the NHS.”