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New passenger in Brockley station: Dorian the parrot

A domesticated parrot was spotted on Thursday early afternoon taking the overground train from Brockley station.

Dorian the parrot waiting for its train at Brockley Sation. Photo Credit: Shirly Bumaguin. 


The London Overground passengers watched in surprise a parrot called Dorian, patiently waiting for the overgound train to come.

Grimaldi, the owner of the volatile pet, came in the UK couple of months ago from Italy, with the intent to perform as a magician with Dorian in London.

“Dorian wasn’t in the mood of flying today, so he preferred to get the train instead”, Grimaldi said.

When finally the train arrived, Dorian didn’t seem very convinced to get on, and Grimaldi had to straight his arm to encorage the parrot to follow him.

Dorian and Grimaldi getting on overgraound train. Credit video: Shirly Bumaguin. 

Amid curiosity from passengers and children, there was also criticism.

“It’s disgusting, they shouldn’t allow birds on trains, it is not hygienic”, said a lady sitting a couple of seats away from Dorian.

But, another commuter added: “Actually, they are allowed, they are like pets, and as long as they are carried with a lead, and it seems that parrot has, it is absolutely fine.”

Parrot 2
Curious travellers in Brockley station take pictures of Dorian.


Besides curiosity and criticism of Dorian for taking the train, a passenger alleged that this was a potential “strategy” as a way not to pay the fare.

As by seeing Dorian taking the train without ticket, because he was not in the mood of flying, he warned that next time he will tell the ticket officer that he wasn’t in the mood to walk.

Could this be a street method to get by when you forget to touch in the oyster?

In the past, other unusual passengers were spotted in the London Underground.

In October 2013, a ‘giant’ Great Dane was seen seating comfortably on the priority seat of the central line train making directly eye contact with the man opposite him.


Great Dane spotted on central line. Credit photo: Metro - Imugur.
Great Dane spotted on central line. Credit photo: Metro – Imugur.


In December 2009, an urban fox stunned the London Underground passengers after it was spotted taking calmly the escalator to move around Walthamstow Central station.


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 19.27.15
An urban fox spotted in Walthamstow Station, London. Credit photo: The Telegraph – BARCROFT MEDIA.




Sub-editor: Pawandeep Dosanjh