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New 25p budget EasyFoodstore opens in North London

The latest easyJet trial project, easyFoodstore, opened in north London today, selling everything from mixed vegetables to mini shortbread for 25p per item.

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North London: Customers flocked to the opening of the new budget food store Photo by

There are 76 food products on sale at the budget food shop in Park Royal, meaning a customer could theoretically buy one of everything on offer for £19.

EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou said he hoped easyFoodstore would rival discount stores Aldi and Lidl.

The store motto is ‘No expensive brands, just food honestly priced’.

EasyFoodstore posted a full list of all 76 food products on Twitter:


A closer look inside easyFoodstore

Shoppers posted photos to Twitter at the opening of the store today.

The shop boasts a simplistic design in the signature easyJet orange colour with ‘best-in basic’ products stacked in bulk on the shelves.

Haji-Ioannou said he was inspired to set up his store after noticing the prevalence of food banks in the capital and surrounds.

EasyFoodstore is a “more commercial attempt to sell basic food for 25p per item to those less well-off in the Park Royal area,” he said.

The response to easyFoodstore on Twitter has been mostly positive, with some questioning whether it will ‘take off’.

Others questioned how easyFoodstore would impact food producers.

Who will shop at easyFoodstore?

Market Analysts CACI predicted that the store’s key local customers would be career climbers, those from comfortable communities, as well as those stretched for cash.

While food products on sale will remain at 25p per item for the month of February, an easyJet spokesman suggested prices could increase to 50p per item.

Sub-edited by Giovanni Prati