Friday, July 23News For London

Most Millennials miserable at work.

Two thirds of all twenty-somethings plan to leave their current job by 2020, a recent survey shows.


Most millennials want business to change its focus and for longer term success have more aligned values that puts the employee first and betters the local community. Right now a significant majority of twenty-somethings don’t want to just earn a wage; they want to be passionate about their work they do so their job is not just a job but a career that allows them to develop in various ways and feel in control creatively.


Yet are these Millennials being disloyal to their workplaces or are they being neglected? 63% of them think there leadership skills are not be developed and so they feel a promotion is impossible. Some say the YUCCIE (an upadted Yuppy, the YUCCIE.

Yet, there is an ART space, MUXIMA, in the heart of east london that has heard the twenty something’s plight and want to put the heart back into work.


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