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#MeToo movement is Time magazine’s Person of the Year

The “Silence Breakers” movement that went viral on social media was named Person of the Year 2017

by Time Magazine.

The cover is a composite group photo that includes a number of women who had participated in this movement; such as actress Ashley Judd and singer Taylor Swift.

Photo Credit: Time Magazine Cover

Millions of women shared their stories of sexual harassment and abuse in 2017 making it a global movement that was named #MeToo.

It took off on social media and fuelled a worldwide discussion on just how endemic sexual harassment has been. It has been used millions of times in over 85 countries.

The women, and men, who broke their silence to share their stories of victimisation gave traction to the #MeToo campaign.

TIME Magazine has been bestowing its Person of the Year title since 1927. It is based on the magazine editors’ opinion on who had most influence, whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, on news and events that year.

Last year’s person of the year was Donald Trump. He was nominated for the title this year, but came second.

More marches all over the world have been organised this year to empower women. “Reclaim the Night” was a march that took place in London last month. Many women marched to ‘reclaim the night’ and make their voices heard.