Thursday, September 16News For London

Looming Employment Crisis in Scotland


The SNP has been accused of jeopardising employment for thousands of workers by cutting funding to local authorities.


The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) has claimed that the SNP’s plans to further reduce local government spending will bring about ‘severe consequences’ for jobs across the country.


David O’Neil, the organisation’s chairman and a Labour councillor, has suggested that funding cuts in the last year alone has resulted in 7,000 job losses. He said ‘The Scottish Government needs to remember that in many areas the council is the largest employer [which will have] a devastating knock-on effect on people and local economies.”


The SNP have attempted to shift the blame onto Westminster.  A spokesperson for the government pointed to an independent report which found that “local government had experienced the same reduction in funding as was imposed on the Scottish Government by Westminster.”


This attack on the Scottish government’s spending record increases pressure on Derek Mackay, the SNP’s finance minister, who will publish the Scottish Draft Budget later this month.