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London’s Mayor faces criticism for not renewing Uber license


Facing 800,000 petition from Uber drivers and users after TfL refused to relicense Uber, London Mayor Sadiq Khah was faced doubts in mayor question time meeting.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan faced strong doubts in Thursday’s London Assembly for his support of TfL’s decision to not renew the license of transport service. The Critique of several speakers during Question Time came after 800,000 Londoners had signed a petition to keep Uber drivers on the roads.

Mayor Sadiq Khah was confronted by several speakers with issues related to Uber license issues when assembly question the mayor in the public. The issues related to Uber included living of Uber drivers and the meeting with global Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi (this sentence is good).

The mayor strongly supported TfL’s decision but also acknowledged Uber provided affordable services. He said: “Offering affordable services cannot be an excuse.”

However, he also believed the apology from the global CEO of Uber Khosrowshahi is a u-turn for the license issue, when being asked conservative party representative Andrew Boff about the meeting with Khosrowshahi. The mayor said: “London should welcome the U-turn from the global CEO of Uber. This is the reason why I asked TfL commissioner to make themselves available for discussion”.

The mayor asked for patience for the final judgement of the court after Uber appeal and said there was no final decision yet. This is likely to take months. The mayor did not give a direct answer when conservative party representatives Garth Bacon and Tony Devenish reminded him that about thousands of people may lose their jobs because of TfL’s decision.

The impartiality of the decision to Uber from TfL was also doubted from Keith Prince, from the GLA conservatives group. The traditional taxi trade lobbies strongly against Uber. The mayor said: “During my administration, I want TfL to be in power and I support TfL’s decision. I welcome the approach taken by the global CEO of Uber.”

TfL had refused to renew the license of London Uber claiming Uber was not “a fit and proper” to hold a license. Uber has appealed this decision within a 21-day and received 800,000 signatures on a petition from Uber drivers and users since then. The prime minster, Theresa May, said the decision not to relicense Uber’s in London was not appropriate and accused the mayor to not think about thousands of jobs provided by London Uber. TfL’s transport commissioner had the meeting with Uber’s global CEO in London, which was requested by the Mayor. However, TfL insisted that the meeting with Uber would not affect the final result, according to the Guardian.

Being interviewed by Westminster World, Gareth Bacon said he believed that TfL would relicense Uber eventually because of the thousands of jobs Uber offers in London.




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