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London’s female graffiti artists take to the streets

Celebrating International Women’s Day with a weekend of female-powered creativity, Femme Fierce, the UK’s largest female street art and graffiti festival returned to the Banksy Tunnel beneath Waterloo station. Reporter: Jipsa George Sub-editor: Di Bai


Both male and female artists from all around London gathered at the infamous tunnel at Leake Street to showcase different types of art forms.

According to Catfight magazine: “Graffiti, guerrilla art and urban activism still convey a stereotypically tough male image, but they are beginning to have other faces.” But that did not stop the female graffiti artists to take it to the streets to make a statement.

The event saw over 150 street artists spray paint and stencil large scale murals on the walls of the tunnel. Founder and editor of Inspiring City, Stuart Holdsworth said: “Street art has evolved quite a lot in the last few years and Femme Fierce is part of that because it brings out even more in the open”.

The tunnel was filled with colour, political expressions, humour and unique designs. For Ali Kara and Lisa Lan, this is their first experience. “It seems like a cool environment, nice community people, biking playing music out loud, I like it,” says Ali.

A spinoff of the VAULT festival, Femme Fierce transformed the tunnel into a world class outdoor art gallery with the theme ‘Because I am a Girl’ in support of Plan UK.

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It is also the world’s biggest campaign for girls’ rights  in order to end violence against women and girls, invest in education and amplify female voices and participation.

“Women have a lot to offer in art and in general and it’s good to give a platform just for women,” says a male graffiti artist who wished to remain anonymous.

The event also welcomed the public with interactive workshops and inspiring talks on how to spray paint to create art, spray pairing using stencils and even on how to create characters.

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Joe Epstein, long time commentator of the scene and author of London Graffiti and Street Art also delved into the colourful graffiti history of Leake Street. Also speaking of the future of Leake Street, hinting its unsure as there are plans to turn it into an car park.

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Stencil Art. Credits: Jipsa George


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Stencil art workshops. Credits: Jipsa George

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