Tuesday, November 21News For London

Londoners learn proper self-defence as threat levels surge in the UK

Londoners feel their safety is at risk as government officials categorize the nations threat level as ‘SEVERE’

The UK has seen a surge of terrorist attacks in the past year, which has resulted in the British government ranking the threat level as ‘SEVERE.’ It has been a few years since the UK’s threat level was last categorized as SEVERE, which begs the question, ‘are Londoners safe?’

One movement that Londoners are slowly taking part in is the art of self-defence. Self-defence classes have seen a rise in applications ever since the terrorist attacks that have occurred throughout the UK in recent news. By taking part in self-defence courses, individuals will be able to learn the proper techniques to use if they ever feel threatened or unsafe on the streets.

With the UK threat level set at severe, many Londoners are undoubtedly worried for their safety. Another worry is unknowing what will happen to the future safety of the nation as it is unclear if threat levels will continue to rise or not.

There are many types of self-defence courses offered in the UK. One of the most popular courses is called ‘Krav Maga.’ Krav Maga is essentially a short program of high intensity self-defence where instructors teach all the most important techniques to use in a threatening situation.

Krav Maga is such an exceptional form of self-defence. Known as being a type of self-defense that is used in the military, individuals will be able to protect themselves with only the finest techniques. The more aware an individual is about their surroundings, the quicker their reflexes and the better it will be to assess what kind of action the situation calls for.

By taking a self-defence course, UK residents will have a heightened sense of their surroundings, which will result in a better chance to ward of attacks. These courses will also be able to reassure individuals and give them the security and comfort they need when they are walking down the street alone at night, or even out running their daily errands in broad daylight.

A self-defence course is one of the first steps in protecting oneself in a threatening situation. It is also very proactive to U.K. residents who are constantly afraid when they leave their home. If everyone takes into consideration applying for a self-defence course, streets would feel safer and individuals will know what to do if they are ever faced with a threatening situation.

Despite the benefits of self-defence, it should only be used as a last resort. According to the Police U.K. website, the best course of action one can take when in a threatening situation is to get help immediately. To minimize putting yourself at risk, it is best to it is best to contact your local police station and state your emergency.