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Londoners invited to join Virgin’s ‘virtual safari experience’

The innovative treehosue. Photo by Catherine McMaster
The innovative treehosue. Photo by Catherine McMaster

Virgins Holiday advertising has been stepped up a notch as Londoners are invited to enjoy the ‘virtual safari experience’ of Virgin Holiday Wonderlist’s Lions Sands Game Reserve treehouse accommodation.

The 35 foot high luxury South African two bedroom ‘treehouse’ has been installed on London’s Southbank.

The public can visit the installation from 11am-6pm daily until 29 January. The intimate space consists of two bespoke bedrooms fit with rustic interiors and a small balcony overlooking the Thames.

Bed Image
The rustic interiors. Photo by Catherine McMaster

Virgin Holidays is offering Londoners the chance to experience the treehouse in an overnight stay by registering their details at

Furthermore, winners will enjoy a six course Masterchef contestant menu, albeit with a South African flair. The degustation menu consists of tempura worms, crocodile, ostrich and smoked goat.

The innovative safari space offers the public a virtual experience of Virgin Holiday’s treehouse accommodation in South Africa’s Lion Sand’s Game Reserve. In a precedent advertising move Virgin’s Richard Branson seems to be offering the public an original ‘safari experience’ in his native London town.

Words: Catherine McMaster
Images by: Catherine McMaster
Edited by: Diana Odero