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London To Host First Ever Global Disability Summit

Penny Mordaunt, the Secretary of State for International Development, announced that London will host the first ever global disability summit next year.  


The event will be hosted with the International Disability Alliance and the aim is to give those with disabilities ‘‘the opportunity to fulfil their true potential and help their countries prosper’’


During her first speech since becoming International Development Secretary, she announced she will bring together global leaders and technology companies to tackle barriers that prevent people with disabilities from reaching their full potential. 

Mordaunt, who was appointed last month following the controversial departure of Priti Patel, said that disability inclusive development is one of her priorities. 


In her speech, she stated “millions are lost every year, because children with disabilities in the worlds poorest countries do not have the support they need to access employment.’’


Microsoft will also participate in the summit, a senior director there stated “Microsoft believes that technology can play a critical role in removing barriers and empowering people with disabilities.”

Although this summit is taking place in London, the aim is to improve the lives of people who have disabilities all over the world and especially in the world’s poorest countries. 

People with disabilities have a much lower employment rate in both developed and developing countries. 


Mordaunt has said she wants to help end “the appalling stigma and discrimination’’  facing a billion people which means one in eight people people around the world live with disabilities. 


Johanna Clark, the director of the charity Deaf Child Worldwide stated that this initiative was “a step in the right direction” but emphasised the scale of the challenge ahead. 


She continued by stating “Ninety per cent of disabled children in developing countries never get close to a classroom. For those children that do, huge barriers still remain. “So while we welcome today’s announcement, we should be in no doubt that huge challenges remain for people with disabilities across the developing world.”

The government should release more information about the summit in 2018.

(Subbed by Emily Srebotnjak)