Thursday, May 13News For London

London Mayoral poll released amidst campaign controversies

Despite scandals, Labour remains in the lead, in the run up to May’s Mayoral election, according to recent polls.

Photo by Policy Exchange / CC BY

According to the new Opinium poll, Labour candidate Sadiq Khan would have a 10-point lead over Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith. In a theoretical second round of voting, Mr Khan would receive 55%, with Mr Goldsmith receiving 45% of votes. When compared to the only other 2016 poll from early January, Mr Khan’s lead remains firm.

In the latest poll, support for rival parties, including the Liberal Democrats, Greens and UKIP fails to muster more than 2% of those polled.

The lack of change in the polls seems unchanged, despite the latest controversies which hit the main contenders for London Mayor.

The poll data was released, just as Mr Goldsmith faced criticism from London charity Richmond AID, over voting for cuts to disability benefits.

The Chief Executive of the charity, which is based in Mr Goldsmith’s own constituency, released a statement, claiming that such cuts “will have a severe and detrimental impact on the lives of disabled people”.

Mr Khan has faced controversies of his own in the past week, during which the poll was conducted.

Media attention turned to Shueb Salar, one of Mr Khan’s own campaign aides. He faced accusations of extremism, when he was alleged to have posted a flurry of controversial tweets dating back to 2012, deemed homophobic and sexist, as well as posting images depicting him holding firearms.

He was reportedly suspended from Mr Khan’s campaign team on 6th March, before resigning the following day.