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London First: We support Mayor’s call for students’ flexible work visa

Nonprofit advocacy group London First has welcomed Mayor Sadiq Khan’s call for a “flexible visa system.” This will allow international students to work in the UK as they did before 2012. A spokesperson for the group confirmed to Westminster World their support of the Mayor’s position.

CC BY University of the Fraser Valley

The spokesperson Emma Hutchinson said: “There has been around 40 per cent drop in students coming here from India since the post-work study visas were scrapped. So, the way we look at it, is that the international students make huge contribution to the economy.”

Mayor Khan urged the Prime Minister to allow international students to have the kind of visa she scrapped five years ago, according to ITV London. He tweeted saying: “Our current visa system is holding London’s businesses back. We need a new flexible visa system with fewer barriers and less red tape.”


London First spokesperson welcomed this call to reduce the restrictions on international students work after studies. She said: “With creating long-time links, they contribute a huge amount. We should be encouraging them.”

Hutchinson also emphasised the need to be open to the international students’ contribution. She said that London First was supporting reinstatement of post-study work.

Khan accused Theresa May of getting it “badly wrong” in 2012 when she decided to stop allowing Indian students to work in the UK.



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