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London East-West Cycle Highway Will Open Next Month

The Westminster to Barking section of the new cycle superhighway will open on April 30th, Boris Johnson has announced.

Credit // Pawandeep Dosanjh
Credit // Pawandeep Dosanjh

The Mayor of London said cyclists will be able to travel Westminster, Tower Hill, Canary Wharf and Barking just days before leaving office, according to reports.

The 12 mile route will link east and west London, with separate lanes on the road to divide cyclists from passing vehicles.

Mr Johnson said that this will be the longest segregated cycle in a European City, however construction for the remainder of the £47m “Crossrail for Cyclists” link will not be completed until later this year.

When commenting on the impact of motorists, he said, “I am immensely encouraged by the evidence from Vauxhall showing that now the scheme there is finished, the flow of traffic in the area is returning to normal.”

He went on further to reveal figures showing the number of cyclists in Vauxhall have increased by 73 percent, since the superhighway opened in  November.

TfL research figures revealed that 3,394 cyclists are using Vauxhall Birdge daily during the peak hours of 7-10am and 4-7pm, in comparison to 1,967 cyclists in February 2015.

There is also a substantial 10 percent rise of London cyclists in general.


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