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Londoners need to play their part for Sadiq Khan’s cycling initiatives to work

Photo: CC / Pexels

Following London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s announcement to spend a record budget on cycling initiatives in the next five years, the question remains if the cycle superhighways will be under utilized.

While the numbers of cyclists in London have been increasing yearly, according to TfL, The Guardian suggests that perhaps more work needs to be done in actually getting people to use the cycle lane. The British social Attitudes Survey 2014 revealed 66 percent adults never cycle. The Guardian surveyed the number of cyclists on Vauxhall Bridge at the start and end of November and concluded that there was at least a 10 percent rise since 2014 in cyclist utilizing the CS5. However, only 30 percent of cyclist were female, and most were white. Another survey by the Department for Transport showed middle-aged cyclists were more likely to make longer journeys.

Meanwhile London Cycling Campaign welcomed the news, “This unprecedented investment in cycling shows the Mayor is serious about meeting his promises to triple the extent of London’s protected cycle lanes, fix the most dangerous junctions and enable boroughs to implement major walking and cycling schemes. It will help make London a better, greener, healthier and less congested city,” said CEO, Ashok Sinha.

Perhaps more organizations need to look further into cycling safety as well as encourage non-cyclers to take up the idea of a greener and healthier commute, so the city will be able to fully benefit from the initiatives.

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