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Lady Gaga slammed for milking Bowie’s tribute

When Lady Gaga paid tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy awards, many thought she had delivered an exceptional standing ovation performance. However, some of  the late performers fans including his son, Duncan Jones, were less thrilled.

American Artist Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammy's dressed like David Bowie. Photo: LadyGaga/ Twitter
American artist Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammy’s dressed like David Bowie. Photo: LadyGaga/ Twitter

Bowie was well known for being music’s greatest “self- reinventor”. He mimed his way through a show splashed with glitter and wearing insane amounts of eye make-up. In a few words, Bowie has done it all.

His son, Duncan Jones, slammed Gaga after her tribute performance to his father at the music show on Monday. Duncan seemed to have not been impressed with the singer’s rendition of Bowie’s ten best songs as part of her tribute.

Just minutes after Gaga took to the stage as Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Duncan twitted that he was confused with her performance, as it seemed rushed and short-lived. He said:

Gaga recreated Bowie’s iconic fashion styles – dating back when he first launched his signature tapered–leg trousers and food coloured dye hair. Her performance included choreography referenced from his 1974 Diamond Dogs Tour and songs like “Rebel Rebel”, “Fashion”, “Space Oddity” and “Fame”.

Lady Gaga was also shamed for airing an Intel commercial minutes before her performance. Gaga and the technology company have been accused by fans for “exploiting” Bowie’s tribute for “commercial gain” by the public via Twitter.

Intel reacted to the criticism by pressing Gaga for her performance. Meanwhile, the singer herself did not respond. Instead, she focused her attention on promoting her choice of fashion for the tribute performance.

More at the Grammy

Other mishaps include British singer Adele’s performance who was criticised for her poor performance. She responded with an explicit message on twitter and blamed it on the piano mic.

Besides all the technical eras there were moments of joy. Singer Ed Sheeran won song of the year and best post solo performance for his hit track “Thinking out loud”. And Amy Winehouse’s documentary “Amy” took home the best music film category.

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