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Man charged after Labour MPs accused anti-war campaign for violent language

A man has been charged for malicious communications to a Labour MP on Sunday, according to Scotland Yard. 

The People’s Assembly for Stop the War Coalition at Friends House on Saturday

Craig Wallace, 23, has been charged with malicious communications on Facebook. In the last week, MPs backing the bombardments against ISIS have received bullying comments and death threats through social media.

Wallace has been arrested after Simon Danczuk, one of the 66 Labour MPs backing the governments for the military engagement in the Middle East last Wednesday, publicly denounced to have received death threats on Facebook.

Several Labour MPs have accused Stop the War Coalition (SWC) – the name of the anti-war campaign – of fostering violence and rough comments over the weekend.

Tristram Hunt, a Labour MP who also voted with the government last wednesday, publicly accused the SWC , where Jeremy Corbyn is one of the National Chairs. He said: “When a colleague has to call for police protection, we have crossed the line.”

Mr Hunt went on: “Stop the War Coalition has been irresponsible and disreputable with its language. We have seen ugly comments on Facebook.”

He referred to the tens of thousands of letters Labour MPs have received through the SWC to lobby against a new military engagement in the Middle East.

Heads of the the Coalition have immediately rejected the accusations. Lindsey German, wrote earlier on Monday: “I’m against bullying and intimidation. I condemn people who do.”

“However,” she said, “We will continue to protest, as it is our democratic right. A March to protest over an issue is not bullying or intimidation.” Mrs German had attacked Hillary Benn’s speech pro-war during a The People’s Assembly meeting at Friends House, Euston Road, last Saturday.

In the same circumstances, others speakers took the floor rejecting accusations over fueling violence against members of Labour.

John McDonnell, Labour Shadow Chancellor, said: “We are here today not to attack. We want to give these solutions: minimizations of civilians casualties, diplomatic way out and support for refugees.

Andrew Murray, chair of the SWC, said: “Politicians attacked us, journalists attacked us and, recently, The Economist also attacked us. We have been attacked because we always win the democratic argument.”

Galloway’s Speech. Credit to Zeyad Salem

Concluding the meeting, George Galloway, former MP and candidate for Mayor of London, argued: “They talk about death treath: I’ve been sent more death threats than any other politicians.”

“If we allow ourselves to be intimidated by their accusations,” he said ending his speech, “We will be betraying those who died for freedom over the last century. We have to go on and we will go on!”

According to the BBC latest development, former shadow education secretary fostered Corbyn, who is a National chair of SWC, to “step back” from the Coalition, earlier on Monday.