Thursday, May 13News For London

Jeremy Hunt faces two judicial reviews over imposition of junior doctor contract

Junior doctors have raised £59,050 in just over 24 hours in order to launch a judicial review into whether their new contract is unsafe for patients.

Two junior doctors wearing surgical masks and scrubs whilst on a protest march
Junior doctors protesting their new contract in London. Credit: Garry Knight

Jeremy Hunt imposed the contract after months of negotiation of failed to end the rancorous dispute over the new contracts.

Dr Ben White, one of the doctors leading the fundraising campaign on, said:”Grassroot doctors haven’t really had any tools to pursue our concerns until now.”

The BMA is seeking a separate judicial review into whether imposing the contract is legal. The reviews are backed by many prominent doctors, including vice-president of the Patient’s Association and patient safety advocate Phil Hammond.


The Government has rejected the claims that they have acted illegally, saying “The Secretary of State [Jeremy Hunt] has had proper regard to his public sector equality duty throughout this process” in a letter responding to the BMA’s claim.