Monday, January 20News For London

It’s a green light by regulators to reduce traffic on highways

With a great increase in traffic seen over the past few years, steps have been made by Highways England to ensure that there is a significant balance and control over this situation. According to Highways England traffic lights are to be placed on M6 and M62, the two busiest link roads to ease motorway congestion. The system testing have already begun, near Warrington in Cheshire and is expected to perform fully in December.

Traffic lights were previously installed only on motorway slip roads. This could be completely rolled out if the £7m trial is successful, said a spokesman.

The Highway England also said that electronic information signs and variable mandatory speed limits will be used on M62 to “provide smoother traffic flows”.


Compared to any other type of road, motorways has been seen to have faster rate at increased traffic. Based on the research done last month by the traffic data company Inrix, it shows that more than 1.35 million jams were found on motorways.

The aim here is to ease the traffic at the Croft Interchange, where Junction 21A of M6 meets Junction 10 of the M62. Which is the reason why the Highway England spokesman said the roads will be monitored using cameras, along with controlled lights to minimize traffic on to the M6.