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Italy’s President says the result of the referendum is a reflection of a “solid democracy”

The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, has spoken for the first time since the resignation of his Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.  

In a tweet released this morning by Quirinal Palace, Mr Mattarella’s residence, the leader of the Republic said that the large number of voters in the Referendum was a “testimony of a solid democracy from a passionate country, capable of an active participation”.

He also called for “serenity and reciprocal respect” to face the new political situation and the “actual problems” in the country. His intervention is an attempt to calm the voices who are calling for populism.

These declarations come after his hour-long meeting with the recently resigned Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Details haven’t being released but both parties have agreed to make Renzi’s decision official at 6.30 (5.30 GMT) this evening.

The failure of the “Yes” vote in the latest constitutional referendum has divided the country. Renzi declared his intentions of leaving his post hours after the polls showed that he lost by more than 10 points.


                                                                       Data source: Corriere della Sera

Today, European leaders have given their feedback.

According to the Spanish journal El Pais, Angela Merkel has said she is “sad” about the results of the referendum. Merkel added she’s “always defend his [ Matteo Renzi] reformist path”.

A spokesman from the Kremlin also praised the outgoing Prime Minister, making allusion to his abilities when resolving “concrete cooperation issues”.  

Some parties have already started to move on. Mateo Salvini, Secretary of the regionalist party Northern League, has called for general elections on his twitter account. He’s a known voter and supporter of the “No” vote on the Referendum.

The tweet says: “Elections! The word must come back to the Italians. Have your ideas clear, I’ll be delighted to hear from you. #4thDecemberNationalDay”.