Saturday, February 27News For London

ISIS threaten Christmas shoppers with new poster showing armed attack on Oxford Street

ISIS warlords have made another poster threatening the public with armed attack in London.

A professional Islamic State media group has circulated a new poster threatening a Christmas attack in London.

The poster showed a heavily armed jihadi standing on the Oxford Street under this year’s Christmas lights.

On top of the poster, it says: “From now onwards we will go to attack them and they will not come to attack us.”

As the capital’s busiest shopping center, the threat really raised concerns and panic among visitors. Damon Zhang, a student from University College London said that, he preferred to stay at home during the Christmas holidays in order to prevent such things.

However, some young Londoners still choose to ignore it. Lucas Ribeirr said: “These things always happen everywhere. It is hard for us to prevent. I’ll still choose to enjoy the Christmas holidays out.”

Not long before, ISIS had released another poster clearly threatening attack in London and on the Queen on encrypted social media channels. On top of a burning Big Ben, words said:” We will destroy your country, as you destroyed our country.”

Caption: Screenshot of ISIS website.

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, ISIS revved up their propaganda to produce a series of posters warning terror attack in Europe and United States. What’s more, a supporter of them also produced a video called “Christas Hell” reiterating the same warnings.