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Instagram #HotDudesReading: Objectifying men or women’s natural instinct?

A new Instagram account posts pictures (taken secretly) of men reading books on the NYC subway. Reporter Indraja Gugle finds out what London’s men who read on the tube think about this phenomenon, and dares to click them too (un-secretly).

By Indraja Gugle Sub editor: Cynthia Liza

Of course it depends what your definition of a ‘hot dude’ is.. Photo credit: Instagram account @hotdudesreading

The Instagram account #HotDudesReading, started by a bunch of New Yorkers, became an instant hit this Valentines when it published its first image – an arguably attractive guy with sharp features immersed in his book while the sun bounced off his wavy blonde hair. The caption read “Spotted this scruffy prince on his morning commute. I’m sure he’s reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but really thinking of how he made love to his French girlfriend this morning and the gluten free toast they shared after.”

The account posts pictures with a story around them and has already amassed 353,000 followers on Instagram. Most of the 40k plus likes and sappy comments come from its female fans. This social media account is renewed proof that women are attracted towards men who read books – a far outcry from those holding a copy of Playboy magazine.

So, why do women find men reading a book so desirable? Psychologist Joanna Konstantopoulou, a rational-emotive and cognitive behavioural therapist and member of the British Psychological Society, says:

“Women act subconsciously by admiring and feeling attraction for a man who is reading a book on the tube or in any other public place by fulfilling their desire to find the man of their life.

“From ancient times, women were looking for men who could nurture their babies. They selected men who were muscular as this meant they were strong enough to bring the best food for their babies and they looked for smart men to pass their genes to the next generation.”

It is true – reading a book speaks volumes about a person’s tastes and thereby, his intellect. Women, in that respect, are increasingly turning sapiosexual.

But what do men think about being photographed secretly while they are killing time on a commute (productively too, might I add)? And do they think they are being objectified in this way? Some men on the London tube were kind enough to pull away from their books and talk to me.

Gerson Tadeu, a law student from Brazil   Photo Credit: Indraja Gugle











Gerson Tadeu, a law student from Brazil, says: “Actually, if seen in that way, it’s ok. Women are so objectified anyway. It’s like the same thing. I personally don’t like it, but I don’t think it could be called a ‘social problem’.”

Rodrigo Palha, a Business Management student Photo Credit: Indraja Gugle











Rodrigo Palha, a Business Management student at University of Westminster, was reading John Grisham’s, The Associate, when I stepped in. He says: “I wouldn’t mind my picture featuring in #HotDudesReading. I don’t think men are getting objectified. I think the world has become more casual now.”

David, a post-graduate finance student Photo Credit: Indraja Gugle













David, a post-graduate finance student at London School of Economics, was reading on his Kindle – a book called ‘Models behaving badly’. In answer to my slightly raised eyebrows, he quickly explained that it was related to finance and financial models. As to #HotDudesReading, he thought it was not “such a big deal,” before hopping off at his stop.

P.S. Boys – go by the book to reach a woman’s heart.