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IDS: Brexit represents “stride into the light”

Iain Duncan Smith, the secretary for work and pensions, claimed a Brexit would represent a “stride into the light” earlier today.

Photo by Steve Punter / CC BY
Photo by Steve Punter / CC BY

He made the comments on this morning’s edition of the Andrew Marr Show. Mr Iain Duncan Smith, otherwise known as IDS, has been a consistent Eurosceptic, having been part of a group of rebel Tory MPs, opposing the Maastricht Treaty.

Mr Cameron had claimed earlier in the week that a Brexit would be a “leap into the dark”, a message which chimed with that of the Chancellor, George Osborne.

Mr Osborne claimed a Brexit could be an “enormous gamble”, as he prepared to meet fellow G20 finance ministers.

The comments come, following a few turbulent days in the currency markets, where the Pound dropped against the Dollar and the Euro. Markets often tumble during times of political uncertainty.

Iain Duncan Smith’s support for a Brexit places him alongside London Mayor Boris Johnson, former Tory leader Lord Howard, as well as Lord Lawson, who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer between 1983 and 1989.

The Prime Minster was accused of stirring up tensions within the Conservative Party during a speech in the House of Commons, on Monday.

He made what was seen as a subtle jibe, despite not mentioning names. Many were quick to claim Mr Johnson was the intended target, and that his support for a Brexit was linked to his speculated ambitions for the party leadership.

The latest polling for the EU referendum, provided by ORB showed a 4-point lead for the Out campaign. The referendum is due on 23rd June.