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Hundreds gather in London to protest in front of Libyan embassy

More than a hundred protesters gathered in front of the Libyan embassy at Knightsbridge. Protesters shouted against migrant slavery auctions happening in Libya. The protest followed a CNN report uncovering a migrant slave auction near the Libyan capital in Tripoli.
Hundreds of protestor in front of the Libyan embassy (Picture by: Roshan Elshormolessy)

Protestors blocked the street facing the embassy. Despite the weather which was approaching zero degree the protest lasted for six hours. we have captured moments from the protest.

Shezal one of the protestors said: “This is not something new, this is being going on for hundreds of years, black African migrants are being kidnapped, cut up of their organs, they are being tortured.”

The CNN report showed some young men being sold in an auction, the bidding begins with 200 then 400, finally the men were sold for 1200 pounds.

The protest was called for by Slavery Remembrance and My Tripe organizations. Both are nonprofit organizations working on setting up to commemorate the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and support the Africans issues.

The protest held the message: “Free our brothers- End auctions in Libya.

”Monica Guinean protestor said: “Most of the migrants subjected to slavery are from Guinea, that’s why am here, one of my friends was sold three times. After he finished his study he travelled to Libya to search for job but he was accommodated by a friend who promised to help him but he sold him to people who put him in prison and tortured him.”

Sanse one of the African protestors said: “I saw a black man in Libya being beaten with a wooden stick, this is a barbaric action.”

Sanse used to live in Libya for a long period of time and he said that he was used to witness many of the migrants being tortured in front of his eyes daily. Here is Sanse talking to us,

One of the protestors said: “This demonstrations in not only for slavery, we are here to shout against the anti-black agenda. They see black African entirely different from how they see themselves.”

Libya has more than 700 migrants, most of them are forced into slavery by smugglers, according to the United Nations.

In a statement on Thursday, United Nations called for a quick action to stop slavery in Libya, describing it as the “darkest chapter in human history”.

But for the protesters this is not enough. “I beg the president of Guinea, the president of Nigeria, North Gambia to help us before it will be too late, slavery is not something to play in,” said one of the African protesters.

On their Facebook page “My Tribe” and “Slavery Remembrance” announced that the next protest against slavery will happen on 9 December and will include other organizations.

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