Sunday, February 28News For London

Hundreds celebrated the return of Team GB in Trafalgar Square

Olympic fans poured into Trafalgar Square on Tuesday to celebrate the return of British athletes from the Olympic Games in Rio. A crowd of over 1000 filled the square to see the Olympic champions. Sadiq Khan, who also attended, congratulated the athletes and said they had made Britain “a sporting superpower.”

Sadiq Khan told the Olympians, “You may not realise this but when you were in Rio there were millions of us staying up all night, watching these guys and going to work the next day, sleep deprived and knackered but with a smile on our faces and a spring in our steps.”

The celebrations in London come after a victory procession in Manchester on Monday, where 150,000 people paraded the streets in triumph.

Fans waved union Jack flags and giant foam hands above their heads, creating a sea of red, white and blue.

Tom Geary from Brighton was particularly proud of the paralympians [Photo: Blyth Brentnall/CC BY SA]
Many had come to Trafalgar Square from areas outside London, such as Tom Geary from Brighton, who said he was particularly impressed by the Paralympians.

One group of fans were dressed in flags from different parts of the world. Among them, Amy Jameson from Perth, Australia, had stopped off in London on her way back from Rio. “I’m a bit of a fan, this was my 15th olympics and I started in Rome in 1960,” she said.

Delphine Evon from Stratford said the olympics was important for her, being British as well as to honour her country and the queen.

Para-cyclist Kadeena Cox got a laugh from the crowd when she said, “I hope that this inspires more people to get involved in sport, just not people who are better than me!”

The event came to a close as pop group, The Vamps played ‘Can we dance?’ and red, white and blue confetti exploded over the crowd.

Team GB will visit Buckingham Palace this evening to meet some of the Royal family, including the Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.