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How to stay safe on Public transport in the wake of Saturday’s Stabbing Attack.

Transport police

Image Courtesy of British Transport Police

The stabbing incident at Leytonstone station has increased transport security concerns, but how exactly should you stay safe while travelling on London’s public transport?


How to stay safe on Public transport

The Met and the British Transport police recommend these important tips.

  •  Plan your journey in advance – as far as is possible you should try to plan your journey. Its best if you know your destination and which stop you will need.
  • Travel downstairs on buses – this is especially important if you are travelling alone.
  • Sit close to the driver and with others – If you feel concerned about your safety on the bus, sit close to the driver. If you are on the tube or train, move to a carriage where there are other people.
  • Be aware of emergency points – Always check where the help points and passenger alarms are and use them if you feel threatened.
  • Don’t be afraid to move – If somebody sits next to you who makes you feel uneasy, stand up and move to another seat.
  • Report anything Suspicious – If you notice anything suspicious report it to the police. In an emergency always call 999. To report suspicious activity by texting 61016 or call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.


Last weeks vote to support military action in Syria could lead to further attacks in the capital. British transport police are now employing extra uniformed and undercover officers in an attempt to heighten security on London’s public transport services.

Despite this the Assistant Chief of the British Transport Police, Mark Newton, has said that the public should continue with daily travels: “We ask the public to remain calm and carry on using public transport as normal.”