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How renters can take charge of their own fire safety

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) blame the construction industry for a continued failure to take fire safety measures seriously, and say the “lack of competence” could lead to more incidents like the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Photo by Natalie Oxford/From Wikimedia Commons
The LFB say that not only could Grenfell Tower have been prevented, but more tragedies like it could easily happen. [Photo by Natalie Oxford, CC-BY-4.0]
As a renter, it can be difficult to spot major flaws in building design with an untrained eye. However, using information from the LFB, Westminster World has compiled a list of preventative measures you can take to increase your own safety in this infographic:

You can improve your safety in just a few steps. [Click to enlarge/Design by Katt Adachi]
If you spot any concerns, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or your local authority. You can also visit the LFB website’s pages for tenants and renting and sharing for more information.

As the LFB has no legal power to approve or reject building designs, it is the responsibility of the construction industry to follow safety guidelines. From the press release, serious flaws commonly found in building inspections include the following:

  • Significant construction defects – such as flawed compartmentation between flats which can allow fire and smoke to spread throughout buildings.

  • Critical fire safety systems – such as mechanical smoke ventilation- that either were not installed as per the original design, were poorly designed, or are not functional.

  • People in control of buildings not understanding or even knowing what fire safety measures are in place, let alone how best to maintain them.