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How can we tackle childhood obesity?

How to help our supersized kids. (Image credit: Google-labeled for reuse)

Childhood obesity is soaring across the world. The UK is the most obese country in Western Europe. 1 in every 10 young people aged 5 to 19, is obese. What causes the epidemic of childhood obesity?

What actions have been taken? Do they really work?

In 2016, the government released Childhood obesity: a plan for action, centred on the sugar tax and the voluntary action by the food and drink industry. Public Health England has also launched the Change4Life 2018 Nutrition Campaign to tackle the obesity threat.

From the following April, the sugar tax will apply to fizzy drinks, squashes and juice drinks with more than 5g or 8g of sugar per 100ml. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is beginning his search for a Chair and Board members to lead the city’s new Child Obesity Taskforce.

Who should take the blame?

The University of Birmingham’s Institute of Applied Health Research introduced a trial programme in primary schools in the West Midlands, but it turned out to have made no difference to obesity levels. Researchers say schools are not the answer to childhood obesity epidemic.

Bigger portion of junk food. (Image credit: Star Tang)

Where is our supersized kids’ voice? What can we do better?

Find out more: go to BBC Radio 5 Live Investigates and listen to Childhood Obesity documentary.

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