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How a free two hour training can make your cycling safer

Bike accidents are increasingly common on London’s streets. But that is not necesary: London by Cycle tells you how cycling can be a safer and a happier experience for everyone. By Qiwei Wang, subbed by Tara Mearsheimer

The campaign at university, photo credit: London by Cycle
The campaign at university, photo credit: London by Cycle

According to new Department for Transport figures released at the end of last month, one cyclist is involved in a road traffic accident every two hours in Greater London. London Cycling Campaign is trying to dispel people’s fear of cycling through their actions in London universities.

“We offer free cycle training in most of the boroughs in London, it’s a two hour personal session with a cycle instructor,” said Diego Marando, a cycle instructor, “people will feel more confident and relaxed on road after this training and learn more about some useful cycling skills.”

London Cycling Campaign is an independent membership charity lobbying for better conditions for cycling in London. The campaign has come to many universities in London and provided students with free bike try-outs and maintenance service. The staff members also gave route-planning advice to students who came with cycling questions.

“There were 15 cycling deaths last year,” said Clara Watson Parr, coordinator of this campaign, “but with 250,000 bike journeys per day in London, percentagewise it’s safer to cycle than walk. We want to dispel people’s fear first that cycling in London is dangerous.” To make London “a world-class cycling city” is the campaign’s aim. It is one of the largest urban cycling organisations in the world, with over 12,000 members according to its official website.

Watch this video to find out more about London Cycling Campaign, and how you can take part and improve your cycling:

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