Monday, April 19News For London

House of Lords to discuss EU migrants during today’s agenda

UK House of Lords discusses a line by line examination of the Brexit Bill today, including questions surrounding EU migrants.

Members are expected to discuss issues including parliamentary approval of the negotiated outcome, EU nationals resident in the UK and the devolved administrations.

Former minister of Department for International Development (DFID) and UK Trade Envoy to Angola, Lindsay Northover considered immigration “essential” for the national economy and urged the government to allow more immigration.

The discussions in the House of Lords supposedly will not impede the legislation text passed by the House of Representatives, but it may affect the timetable for the government.

Since the Supreme Court ordered PM Theresa May to consult Parliament in her Brexit plan, May is fighting against time to implement her promise to trigger Brexit negotiations by the end of March.

After the House of Commons approved the legislation by 494 votes to 122 on 9 February, it is now the House of Lords’ turn to discuss the text.

Today is the second time for the House of Lords to discuss the bill and will remain a third and last reading on 7 March.

The expected trigger of Article 50 has raised many concerns about migrants rights. Some reports went to say the automatic right of EU citizens to say in Britain will be denied once Article 50 is triggered.

The government hopes that the House of Lords will approve the bill without amendments to avoid returning it back to the House of Commons, in a process known as parliamentary “ping pong.”

An approval for the Lords will allow May to trigger article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, on 9th or 10th of March in Brussels during the European Council meetings.