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Home secretary saves face after calling Huddersfield Convicts “Sick Asian Paedophiles”

The defence comes after The Guardian released an extensive piece about implicit racism in The UK.

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Home secretary Sajid Javid today defended his position after his tweet in October in which he pointed out the ethnicity of the people arrested in the child grooming case in Huddersfield. The tweet bashing Asians was “These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice.”

The statement which attracted criticism from several MPs, was discussed along with other matters on BBC Radio 4’s today programme. Javid called his comments “absolutely appropriate.”

Speaking about the issue on-air he said: “Any normal person looking at the recent convictions of gangs that abuse children would have noticed that a vast majority are from a Pakistani heritage and we cannot ignore that. If you do ignore that, if you sit in a position of power like me and you ignore that, what you actually end up doing is fuelling the voices of extremism that are out there that will then prey on that.”

He further said:“What we’ve had regarding that issue of gangs that prey on young children for sexual purposes is that for many years, under successive governments, we have turned a blind eye to the obvious. The entire discussion ended up being wrapped around the argument of whether criminals should be identified by their ethnicity or their own identities.

Sajid being of Pakistani descent himself was born in Rochdale, Lancashire to a father who worked as bus driver. The family consisting of 4 other sons soon moved to Bristol when his parents bought a shop there.

In the same discussion the home secretary was shown a video of a Syrian boy being bullied in Huddersfield which he related to and told of his own experience when he was punched to the ground at the age of 11 just because he was Asian.

The internet however did not take too kindly to the secretary sharing his own experience. Londoners took to twitter to express their opinions on the programme.

There was a recorded mixed reaction with some individuals being skeptical of Javid and some defending him.

Religion in general was also brought to question when some people took to Twitter to associate Javid with his own statement.

The Home secretary’s defence comes after a piece The Guardian released yesterday. The article covered unconscious racial bias and its implications in The United Kingdom yesterday. The piece in length talks about how racism is embedded in the modern society towards BAME groups and comes out in various scenarios without control. The reasons for the same remain uncertain. Javid’s aggressive tweet prompted him to come on air and defend his opinion.

The radio discussion further went on to discussion the possible new immigration policy which would have set parameters for people for them to come to The UK. Commenting on that he said: “The broad direction is, I think, the right one, which is that we will create an immigration system that is based on skills and not on the nationality of people.