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Grenfell Tower survivors need justice

An inquiry starting today into the horrific Grenfell Tower fire, aims to resolve the homeless situation which has left 80% of the victims without anywhere to live.

Residents of Grenfell Tower. Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

“In the aftermath of the fire, which killed 71 people, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, promised that all survivors would be found a home nearby within three weeks,” as reported by The Guardian.

Six months later, it appears that Prime Minister May had made an empty promise. Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has pointed out that the failure to rehouse victims is “disgraceful.”

This statement was further supported by David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, who states that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council were struggling to win back the trust of the survivors.

Photo Credit: Evening Standard

Elizabeth Campbell leader of Kensington and Chelsea council rose to defend the actions of the council and said: “We have had an army of people working 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we actually do really care, we do want to get people rehoused.”

Yet the tension between the conservative council of Kensington and Chelsea and the survivors is too much.

Survivors have reportedly asked leader Campbell and other councilors to stay away from the memorial service held later on this week at St Paul’s.

Sub Editor: Nikki Onafuye