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Green Monday has lured over 100,000 British users by midday

As Green Monday, an online sale, launches today, a research reveals that British people prefer to spend their money on discounted gifts and goods earlier – on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Walmart promised Black Friday prices to win interest of the UK customers. Screenshot from Walmart’s website. By Darya Luganskaya

According to PCA Predict, British company that monitor big data on sales in real time, over 100,000 British users has looked up Green Monday deals by midday. Previously, PCA Predict registered almost twice more users interested in Black Friday. But in comparison to Cyber Monday, Green Monday is not falling far behind. 

In the previous research that PCA Predict conducted in the UK in autumn 2013-2014, Green Monday was not among the top shopping days in the UK. “Monday’s are typically the busiest for e-commerce generally, however, last year’s Green Monday looks on par with other days in December, and is almost insignificant compared to Cyber Monday”, said Natalie Green, PR manager for research company PCA Predict, to Westminster World.

Even some businessmen in the field are not following the sale. “I heard of Green Monday as being less popular than Black Friday. I do not follow this online sale closely”, Lev Gershenzon, CEO of Detectum, a company providing tools for e-commerce,confessed to Westminster World .

Launched in 2007 by eBay, Green Monday is much younger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday was launched in the US in the 1930s and went online in early 2000s, and Cyber Monday was invented in 2005 as the response to growing demand from customers that retailers had mentioned.

Global marketplaces are obviously fighting for customer’s wallets during this sale. “Green Monday 2014 was a blast”, assures Amazon on its website offering deals for Green Monday 2015. Walmart is trying to fight with Amazon offering deep discounts at “Black Friday prices”. eBay has launched a page with deals at allegedly 70% discount.

Generally British people are getting more and more involved in online sales. The audience of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK is growing rapidly, especially on mobile devices. Cyber Monday showed a 179% rise in e-commerce activity between midnight and 1 a.m. compared to an average shopping day in 2015, PCA Predict observed. Black Friday this year attracted 270% more shopper’s activity than in 2014.

Such sales help to reach people who are not used to online shopping yet, as Georgy Levin,  CEO and co-founder of international RTB platform GetIntent, that sells ads from the side of e-commerce as well.  “Cyber Monday and Green Monday is a great tool to motivate people to buy gift before the last minute”, Levin added. 

But Levin also mentioned that customers should be aware of the tricks many shops use during online sales. He said that often a shop chooses 10-20 products, usually in a limited number, with actually have a significant discount and put light on them. The rest of things are sold with lower discount, although customers got the impression the deals are very good in general.

“You can sell 10 iPhones with 90% discount and lure several thousand people to the website advertising 90% discount without saying there are only 10 of them on sale. When they sell all 10 iPhones, the user will see a disclaimer that the devices are out of a sale, and many people would stay and buy something else”, GetIntent CEO explained to Westminster World.