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Generation Rent calls on government to protect renters from eviction

Housing campaign Generation Rent will call on government to stop landlords making families homeless.

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Over 350,000 renters in England were put at risk of eviction in the past year.                                               Photo by Foto

Thousands of renters are put at risk of eviction each year, as the cost of renting spirals and Britain faces a shortage of affordable homes.

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will hear later today from Generation Rent, Priced Out and Shelter about the impact of government’s affordable homes programme.

“The call comes as the government’s timid proposals for housebuilding will leave millions of households with an unstable home,” Generation Rent said in a statement.

New government figures revealed that to date, 11,000 tenants have registered their interest in taking up their new Right to Buy. More than 2,000 of these tenants are in London.

However, Generation Rent said the government’s plans to build homes to sell through 20 percent discounts, shared ownership or rent-to-buy will only benefit a small minority of private renters.

“This means millions will remain stuck in a tenure that is increasingly unfit for purpose, with no idea if they’ll face a rent rise or an unwanted move in the next 12 months,” said the organisation’s director, Betsy Dillner.

The real risk of eviction

In the past year, 352,900 renters in England were put at risk of eviction, according to an analysis from leading homelessness charity, Shelter.

This equates to one tenant every 90 seconds.

Renters at risk of eviction

Drawing on findings from Ministry of Justice figures, Shelter identified where renters are most likely to be at risk of eviction.

London local authorities dominated the national list. Enfield in London topped this list as it had the highest rate of possession claims per rented household.

Last year one in every 21 rented homes in Enfield received a possession claim. The average rate across England is one in every 55 homes.


Top 10 eviction ‘hotspots’

Shelter looked at the number of possession claims that have been lodged in a court in the last year. While not all possession claims lead to possession orders or eventual loss of home or eviction, Shetler argued that receiving a possession claim means a home is at risk.

“Landlords would not normally force out reliable tenants but unfortunately a family has no idea if they have a rogue landlord until the eviction notice comes through the letterbox,” said Dillner.