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Explainer: Why can’t you feed stray cats in the US and China?

In addition to catching mice, cats can also catch birds, rabbits, snakes, frogs, and many invertebrate insects. In other words, they eat all the animals they can catch. Cats are very alert, and their recipes are super wide. And how big is stray cats threat?

Click the video below and think about it:

What is stary cats?

Stray cats are actually not a natural product. They are mainly a group consisting of abandoned pets and their offspring. They generally live around human gathering areas.

How strong is a cat’s predation ability?

The total number of domestic cats in the world is about 600 million, which is a very large number. About 25 to 26 people in China have one domestic cat. However, this number does not include stray cats in major regions. Stray cats are very easy to see in China. For this reason, editor interviewed some people in China.

Almost of people think stray cats are cute, poor and weak, they may say: “My cat never catches wild animals” or “At best, it just catches some small mice.” But this may not be the case.

And how strong is the predation ability of stray cats?

This picture is the gold medal work of the 2020 Natural World Photography Contest. It records wild animals that were killed or injured by stray cats in San Rafael, California, USA in one year, Including birds, rabbits, bats, snakes, lizards, frogs, and many invertebrate insects…

▲ Caught by Cats, photography: Jak Wonderly

We can see, their recipes are very wide.

What should people do?

<1> Do not abandon domestic cats or raise your own cats outside

<2> Do not feed the stray cats (which would increase the reproductive potential of wild cats)

<3> Build shelters for stray cats as much as possible

<4> Euthanasia

<5> TNR, short for Trap Neuter Release

In the end, hope that all the animals and insects can continue for generations in a harmonious way.

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