Thursday, January 21News For London

Ethical fashion is Rad: monthly Fashion Pop-Up in Islington

This weekend Radicals and Victuallers, a pub in Islington, hosted their monthly Fashion Pop-up, organized and hosted by designer Laura Souza De Almeida. The pop-ups are aimed at promoting ethical, sustainable and slow fashion.

Fashion is a typically fast paced world where designers are always working towards the next season. This more often than not means that brands use cheap labour and the garment making process can be less than green. Slow fashion allows for designers and brands to stop chasing trends and be more conscious, and the fashion to be more ethical and/or sustainable.

If you’re wondering what the difference between ethical, sustainable and slow fashion is, The Curious Button explains this quite well. The long and short of it is, ethical fashion involves human rights, sustainable fashion involves the environment and slow fashion involves the clothing pieces. The terms tend to go hand in hand because those who are concerned about human rights tend to be concerned about the environment.

We had an opportunity to talk to Laura about the event:

Almost all of the brands that were present, were from LovEco which is an online platform for slow fashion. Karolina Przeklas, the co-founder of LovEco spoke to us about why she founded it:

This is a monthly event, so you haven’t missed out! Make sure to drop by Radicals on the last weekend of the month for the Fashion Pop-Up.