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End of free movement announcement concerns MPs and EU citizens

End of free movement announcement concerns government MPs and EU citizens.


The end freedom of movement that’ll come with Brexit worries both members of the parliament and EU citizens living in the UK.

Even though, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Sunday that the government wants to avoid “cliff edges,” the uncertainty around the process raises questions among many.

The published a briefing, “The legal status of EU citizens in the UK, on Monday morning, explaining that according to the latest regulations put in place earlier this month, “the regulations and policies increasingly suggest that an EU citizen who is physically present in the UK but who the Home Office considers does not have a right of residence is in a precarious and unlawful position and can be removed from the UK at any time.”

According to the briefing, “these are serious consequences with a profound impact on people’s lives and their sense of security.”

“If this were to occur, EU residents would lose pension, family reunion, non-discrimination, protection against deportation and other rights.”

Fred Silver from Stornoway, Scotland tweeted:

Government officials also brought it to Twitter to raise their concern about the latest immigration plans.

Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy tweeted in reaction to the fall of immigration.

Upon The Daily Telegraph’s Sunday front page “Curb on migrants to start in weeks,” Labour Member of the European Parliament for Wales Derek Vaughan said on Twitter