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Ed Sheeran quits all social media for a year, can you?


Ed Sheeran reveals in an Instagram post he is quitting all social media for a year and will use the time to travel and see the world.

His decision attracted international attention and all multimedia platforms instantly became buzzing with it.

The post came late last night and received a 503k likes and 14k shares instantly and over 42k comments since. In the post Ed Sheeran claimed that he wished to see the world “through his own eyes”.

The British singer who dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue his dream of being a musician attracted the attention of Elton John Jamie Foxx for the first time in 2011 with his independent project No.5 Collaborations. After signing with Asylum Records he became an international star.

Judging from his quick raise to fame and Ed Sheeran’s quirky personality that attracted a massive social media following with 16.1 million followers on twitter and 5.5m on Instagram his decision to leave the social media world came as a shock not only to his fans.


Some fans were supportive of the post and encouraged Ed Sheeran to pursue his path and wished him well.

robyns_fan_account_I hope you the best time and get plenty of rest and time with your family and friends you deserve it much so ❤?❤ and i wish you a very merry Christmas Edward Christopher Sheeran ???”

However some were more heartbroken and revealed their sadness through loads of emoji symbols.


explicitschanelFucking sad”

elaineelwood23@liscey I just watched his final snap ? it’ll be a tough one but he is so right to do it like this! X”

Although most of his fans were sad to see him disconnect himself from all social networks and his fans some even encouraged his decision “he is so right to do it like this!”

The attention his decision attracted raised an important question why is social media so important to us?

Just last month social media teen star Essena O’neil announced that she is quitting social media too.Her decision came with an explanatory video in which she revealed that “social media is not real life”. She continued “It’s a system based on social approval, likes, validation in views, success in followers”

Ed Sheeran’s post was strangely similar to this in which he claimed that he’s been seeing seeing the world ‘through a screen’ and ‘he is taking the time to see everything he missed’

With social media being a huge part of everyone’s daily lives the decision by so far a few to cut themselves off might be alerting us to a new social wave.

When asked whether they could step away from social media students from Southampton University were less than excited. Nilax Balachandran said, “I use social media everyday. I can’t imagine just quitting it completely. I think it would feel weird not knowing what my friends are doing.”

Qatra Mohamed found herself even more attached she said,”I use snapchat all the time. And twitter. I can’t imagine being without it. It would be like being without a hand or a leg.”

The answer to this might be expert’s Dr Ciaran Mc Mahon from British Psychology article “Why do we ‘like’ social media?” Here she describes the attraction of social media and explains that social media is the only thing that allows us to experience things and share thoughts globally while sitting at home”

There were always those actors who refused to use social media from the start such as Kristen Stewart, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, Jenniffer Lawrence and Chris Hemsworth. But these starlets never mingled with the digital social networks and they never experienced ‘life through a screen.’

Ed Sheeran however did and now he is stepping away from it. But fear not he has promised to return next autumn.