Thursday, January 21News For London

Do Young People Care About Politics?

This years general election saw an increase in the youth vote, this was most evident with a large spike in young votes for the Labour party, but are young people engaged in politics.

Young voters appear to been more engaged in politics in the last few years, broadly evident with the increase of youth voters in the Brexit referendum and 2017 general election, according to research organisation Ipsos Mori the 18 – 24 voter turnout saw a raise of 16 percent from 38 percent at the 2015 general election to 54 percent in 2017, this is consistent with the 53% turnout for the EU Referendum in 2016.

The biggest swing of these 18 to 24 year old voters was towards the Labour party, which saw a 62 percent to 27 percent share with the Conservatives, Labour appealing to students in particular with their policies on University tuition fees.

But is this new direction for youth politics sustainable and do young students of Westminster feel engaged with politics?