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Deteriorating Sino-UK relation: How worried should we be?

If you walk into a classroom at a UK university, it is not strange to see Chinese students taking up more than a half of the classroom. And if you go to a place of interest, Chinese tourists are never absented. For decades, Britain has maintained a strong tie with China. In 2018, there were 391,000 visits and 120,385 students from China to the UK. According to The Henry Jackson Society, the UK, as a net importer, relies on China for more than 50 % of imports.

Image Credit – Qinxin Lu

However, in recent months, China and the UK have clashed over Covid-19, Hong Kong’s new security law and the Chinese tech company Huawei. As the relation is getting worse, how will the UK society be impacted?

In Deteriorating Sino-UK relation: How worried should we be? Qinxin Lu investigates the importance of China to the UK, and whether the UK should reduce or deepen its cooperation with China.

In the documentary, the producer speaks to professors specializing in international relations from prestigious universities of the two countries such as KCL, UCL and China Foreign Affairs University. Besides, government officers such as Roger Gale, the Member of Parliament for North Thanet in Kent and the councilor Dr. Yuktesh war Kumar from Bath and North East Somerset Council, also made their comments on current affairs.

To acquire a more comprehensive analysis, the producer went to Bicester Village and interviewed some tourists and shop assistants there. Some of the enterprises from both countries also join the discussion in this documentary.

Here is a preview of Deteriorated Sino-UK relation: How worried should we be? 

Producer: Qinxin Lu

Duration: 27’30′’