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Cyclist champion Pendleton is an accident waiting to happen

 Victoria Pendleton’s safety is being questioned as she waits approval to compete at the Cheltenham Festival

New amateur Jockey winner.
Pendleton wins at Wincanton . Express

Victoria Pendleton will find out today whether she will compete next week at the Cheltenham Festival. Last week the Olympian gold medalist cyclist switched jockey won her first race on the 5.4 favourite Pacha Du Polder at Wincanton. She led all the way to win by 29 lengths.

“I feel honoured to ride such a horse” Pendleton said: “I really wanted to get round and give him the ride he deserved”.

In a series of twists and turns she has recently come under criticism for unseating in her next ride in a point to point at the weekend. A former champion jockey John Francome said: ” She wants saving from herself. I’ve never met her, she seems a lovely girl but she can’t ride and she’s an accident waiting to happen”. Another ex jockey Mich Fitzgerald feels different about Penndleton saying ” she looks confident, she looks safe. I think that is the key word to use. You weren’t convinced at Fakenham but at Wincanton she looked a lot more assured, the difference was huge. When you look at other people who have ridden at the Foxhunters before, she does not look out of place”.

Her trainer Paul Nicholls and other professionals Mr. Lawney, Alan Hill and Yogi Breisner say she is up to the task and along with Victoria a decision will be made today on her participation in the Foxhunter.

Pendleton is poised to ride the same horse in the at Cheltenham Festival on the 18th of March.

This famed wench has never sat on a horse before a year ago and continues to impress Nicholls with her development.

‘I have to say I was very sceptical to start with and the lads at Betfair and Victoria know that, a lot of people would have been but she has made massive improvements. She has put a lot of work into it’. It is all buzz around this brazen woman at Fakenham, one only hopes this athlete can add two feathers to her unusual cap.