Wednesday, August 4News For London

Cyclist and lorry collide beside Green Park, breaking bike in half

Emergency services is rescuing the injured | Photograph by Qinxin Lu 

A male cyclist has survived a collision with a lorry in central London and saw his bicycle split in half and written off.

The man, thought to be 30 years old, crashed with a lorry carrying Choco Leibniz’s cargo when he passed by the Stratton Street close to Green Park Station.

Police arrived in five minutes and blocked the area after the accident happened. Buses heading from Green Park bus stop to Aldwych were stuck in the area, causing a short time traffic jam.

The helicopter landed at the lawn in Green Park at about 9:40 am and the medical care personnel walked out of the plane.

Emergency services launched a fifteen minutes operation shortly after they arrived, including laying the stretcher down, slowly moving the injurer on, checking his wound, and wearing an oxygen machine for him.

“The cyclist bounced left off the back of the car. It’s a big accident, and his bicycle is seriously damaged,” a female eyewitness said.

Besides the injured man, his bicycle has laid on the floor in half, and wheels have fallen off. Police began to inquiry the lorry driver, a man believed to be 27 years old, after the injurer was sent to hospital.

The Policeman holds a half part of the bike | Photograph by Qinxin Lu 

After the investigation, the police took the broken bike away and cleaned the scene. At about 10:30 am, the traffic came back to normal and the area is available again.

The witness said the man didn’t wear any protective clothing or helmet when he was riding.

“He is fine, but I think he may be badly injured because he doesn’t wear any protection,” said the witness who believes to ride without protection is very dangerous.

The reason behind this accident is still under investigation and the police haven’t made any response toward it.

The rescue team are saving people | Photograph by Qinxin Lu 

Today’s collision comes just a week after another severe crash took place in Loughton, which killed a 12 years old boy.

Figures released in September by the Department of Transport (DfT) show the number of drivers and riders of motorcycles killed in road accidents has increased, with the same result as the report published by Vision Zero London.

In 2019 till now, there have been sixteen people reported injured, and six people died by severe cyclist collision.

Nick Lloyd, acting head of road safety at RoSPA, said: “It is disappointing to see there has been little to no improvement in the number of fatalities on our roads. In light of this, we continue to urge the Government to implement road safety targets to help prevent tragedies in the coming years.”

The investigation from the Cycling Claims show that around 19,000 cyclists are injured in UK road traffic accidents every year. 75% occur at, or near, a road junction.

“We recommend that all drivers and riders take regular refresher training to keep their skills and protection awareness up to date,” said Lloyd.