Monday, January 20News For London

Chaos at Heathrow Airport with snow forecast

Clearing runaways at Heathrow Airport  “Picture from;”


Heathrow and Gatwick airports advised passengers to check their flights before they leave to the airports. Flights are being suspended this Monday to Birmingham and Stansted until clearing the runways.

“Heathrow airport” posted on their twitter this morning “If your flight is cancelled, we ask that you do not travel to the airport and keep updated via your airline’s website. We’re working with our airline partners to return aircraft to where they need to be and full-service recovery remains the focus.”


Passengers were left queueing for several hours to catch up their flights at the airports. David F Roberts one of the passengers said on twitter “As predicted “chaos at #Heathrow airport with 200 flights cancelled today due to yesterday’s snowfall and today’s inclement weather. More than 1500 passengers to be affected today.”


The chaos happened after a number of flights were cancelled yesterday due to snow storm that hit the country. British Airways told the Daily Express that they have cancelled 150 flights yesterday.

Michael Babyak tweeted a picture at Heathrow airport terminal 5 with passengers sleeping on the ground at 3 AM saying “Heathrow at 3 AM is a legit homeless shelter.”


Passengers tweeted some funny photos while staying at the Heathrow airport they sitting on the floor and having some meals on the ground.

Others tweeted funny GIF doing snow angel on the Heathrow ground.

Flights at Birmingham Airport also was suspended. Birmingham Airport apologized for their passengers through Twitter saying that there may be delays in today’s flight due to the freezing temperature all the night and added that safety is the priority for their passengers.

“Glasgow Airport” announced this Monday that five flights were cancelled from to Heathrow Airport 09:55, 12:55, 3:25.
Luton Airport is open and running, they say on their website. Some flights were delayed for more than two hours such as Vilnius and Gdansk according to passengers on Twitter.