Tuesday, January 26News For London

Change to driving test angers drivers and examiners

Anyone looking to get their driver’s licence in England, Scotland, or Wales will have to pass a more difficult test as of today, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Test-takers will now face a longer period of independent driving, a section of satellite navigation, changes to reversing manoeuvres, and will be required to answer vehicle safety questions while driving.

Northern Ireland has a different set of standards.

Changes to the driving test have created controversy. (Image from the Driving Test Changes handbook.)

The DVSA is facing criticism from some for the changes and have been accused of encouraging distracted driving.

Examiners are also unhappy and have begun a two-day strike for reasons including what they call a “badly designed” new test.

The changes will be in effect for anyone taking the car driving test from today, including retakes or postponements.