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Saudi Arabian females say that the votes are ‘not such a big deal’

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Saudi females have voted and run for office for the first time in History during Saturday’s municipal elections. The step for a more democratic country was widely covered and praised throughout worldwide media. The Telegraph reported that the election ‘marked an important step forward’. According to BBC’s report, a total of 978 women registered as candidates, alongside 5,938 men. And Officials have said about 130,000 women had registered to vote in Saturday's poll, compared with 1.35 million men. In order to understand what this change means for those living in the country, I spoke to Saudi women.     But what do Saudi females feel about this move? A Saudi female artist who didn’t want to be named shared her views on the votes:  “I didn’t participate in

Half A Million Elderly in UK Set to Spend Christmas Alone This Year

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Research shows over half a million older people in UK spend Christmas alone this year. About 30 thousands of them are from London. Earlier this month, the German supermarket chain Edeka has also called for by airing a Christmas ad. The video, which has been viewed on YouTube almost 41 million times, is about a lonely old man comes up with drastic measures to bring his family together: he fakes his own death.     The biggest tear-jerker of this season gives the old man a happy Christmas dinner in the end. However, not every elder have the fortune to spend the festival in company. According to a research released by the Aged UK, over half a million older people in UK set to spend Christmas alone. London has 30 thousand of them. The research also revealed that 60

EU Referendum: Peers to present a fresh amendment for votes at 16

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Source: JesmondLocal Peers are about to present a new proposal to force the Government to allow 16 and 17 years old to vote in the European Union membership referendum Today they are putting down a new amendment in the House of Lords to question claims by the government that temporarily lowering the voting age to 16 would involve costs of around £6 million. Last Tuesday MPs at the House of Commons voted against the move by 303 to 253 overturning an amendment to the EU Referendum Bill passed in the House of Lords last month to let young people have a say on UK’s EU membership. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron said: “The Government will come with various excuses of why they can’t do it. It cost a little bit of more money, £6 million out of a budget which is much gre

UK: Increase in Islamophobia

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 The rise in Islamophobic hate crimes has been compared to the 1930's antisemitism.    A recent survey published by the Metropolitan Police reveals an increase in racial, religious and Islamophobic hate crimes in London. Figures show that Islamophobic crimes have increased by 41.8% in a year. According to Islamic societies factors that stimulated such hate crimes are the Syrian refugee crisis, UK airstrikes and Paris bombings, which took place 13th November 2015.                   Organisations such as Stand Up To Racism, tell MAMA (measuring anti-Muslim attacks) and The Refugee Welcome Board have stressed their concerns on the hate crime, which is spreading across the country. Zabi Dalu, Stan

Campaigners say climate deal is not good enough

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  Climate change campaigners say the Paris Agreement does not go far enough to reduce carbon emission. UK-based campaigner, Joana Blackman, told Westminster News “we need to leave fossil fuel in the ground and stop extracting it”. According to her, the world will become a safer place if we “wean ourselves of using oil” and move to a future of renewable energy. On Saturday, climate change campaigners protested in London. They said governments across the world had once again failed “to agree a deal that will protect our future”. This comes at the same time as former Nasa scientist, James Hansen, who is also considered the father of global climate change awareness called the Paris talks “fraud”. He told The Guardian website that: “It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bull

Front National wins no region but the youth vote soars

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Front National failed to win any regions in the second round for the French elections on Sunday. Despite the defeat, it confirms its high appeal and leader Marine Le Pen attracted the youth vote. Front National (FN) - whose English translation is National Front - loses the second ballot in the regional elections. Of the thirteen regions voting, Sarkozy’s Popular Movement takes 7 regions and the Socialist Party 5. However, the vote revealed a trend on going since the European election in 2014. The FN confirmed to be the first party among the young people. Arnaud de Rigne, the coordinator of the FN's youth movement Jeunesse (FNJ), offered a deep analysis on what pushes a youngster to vote for the FN. He argued: “We lost, but right and left parties have failed. They showed all thei

Champions League draw an all too familiar affair

Today's Champions League draw in Nyon saw some familiar fixtures, with several clubs having been paired before. Arsenal-Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain-Chelsea have been even played a couple of times in recent years. Almost all the eight matches which have been drawn for the next round of the Champions League have been played before in recent seasons. Funnily enough the first two clubs who emerged from the draw were Gent from Belgium, who participates for the first time, and Wolfsburg, who makes it to the last 16 for the first time. Dieter Hecking, coach of Wolfsburg said on that he expects an interesting encounter. "Gent have asserted themselves in a group against Valencia and Lyon and as besides us are the surprise package in the round of 16. For both teams, the knockou

Pubilc disappointment at Lord Janner ruling

Some Twitter users expressed disappointment at a court ruling that found Lord Janner unfit to stand trial for sexual offences in Old Bailey on Monday. The Guardian reported that judge Peter Openshaw, came to a ruling after four experts who examined him, agreed that the former Labour MP is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. The judge said his condition was severe, incurable and had left him unable to participate in a full trial but would only face a “trial of facts” Social media followers took to twitter to express their frustration at the outcome, with some blaming slow police action for the result. One twitter follower wrote: “Right decision based on medical evidence, but yet another example of police not moving quickly enough” Another commented and said

TfL will launch Walk London programme to encourage more walking

The Transportation of London (TfL) is now encouraging londoners to take more walking by launching a website Walk London, and has planned several routes for citizens. (Photos and data accredited to TfL) Another report about the frustrating transportation happened in Elephant and Castle was released on BBC website. After all the delay and chaos on the road or under ground, it's time to regain the green and healthy way we used to appreciate - walking. Whether it's a place to feed the ducks, a stroll during lunch hour or an energetic Sunday walk you're after, people can always find relaxation in the walking sections. Reliable and healthy "Walking is a great way to get around London. It's quick and reliable, good for your health, good for the planet and good for London's economy

Heathrow Airport is Still ‘Waiting’ For Its Third Runway.

Ministers will give the most awaited decision on whether to give the ‘OK’ for the expansion of Heathrow Airport by the end of the year. The end of the year is in three and half weeks, but the most discussed proposal, Heathrow expansion, is still to be confirmed. While Sir Howard Davies, head of The Commission, said that an expansion of Heathrow is the best of all the options, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson opposed it. The chief executives officer for Heathrow, John Holland Kay, said that the Heathrow expansion would give beneficial outcomes such as hundreds of thousands new jobs. Additionally the UK Airport commission gives its pros and cons: Significant connectivity benefits for long-haul network (major airlines and low cost ones). Well connected with local and nat