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Artificial Intelligence: one step closer as Google wins at Go

Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence program has achieved a significant result in beating the European champion at the ancient board game Go. The software beat the champion Fan Hui five games to nil and its achievement has been hailed as a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. Go has long been considered one of the most difficult challenges for artificial intelligence. While Backgammon,  Draughts and Chess have all already been mastered Go presented a truly difficult challenge to machines owing to its high level of complexity. Google Research tweeted about the achievement earlier today: Set on a nineteen by nineteen board and with three hundred and sixty one possible variations to consider f

Boris Johnson defends Google

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Google is due to pay £130m extra in a decade’s worth of back taxes to the UK. The Mayor of London, however, defended Google in his column for the Daily Telegraph on Monday. Johnson claimed that it is the manager’s job to pay as little tax as possible within the law. He wrote: “It is absurd to blame the company for ‘not paying their taxes’. You might as well blame a shark for eating seals. It is the nature of the beast; and not only is it the nature of the beast – it is the law it is the fiduciary duty of their finance directors to minimize tax exposure.” The Mayor of London further explained that the companies have legal obligations to their shareholders, not to public opinion or to politicians. Boris Johnson is a known advocate of the tech sector. He recently launched a cam

Amazon pulled some hoverboards in the UK and the US

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Anyone looking for self-balancing scooters known as “hoverboards” for Christmas on Amazon from America or Britain, may have a very limited selection. Amazon has suspended many sales of hoverboards over safety fears, the gadget site BestReviews first reported. The company has asked all hoverboard manufacturers to provide documentation showing that they are following necessary safety standards. Swagway, one of the well-known importers of hoverboards, told The Verge that Amazon asked manufactureres  to show "documentation demonstrating that all hoverboards you list are compliant with applicable safety standards, including UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger)". This company has also said Swagway already meets this requirements, and its products are still avail

Nigerian Delivery Service among top start-ups at the Annual TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

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This year, an African Start-up is competing for the first time in Disrupt TechCrunch history and is ready to go head to head with Europe’s crème de la crème of technology developments. The TechCrunch Disrupt conference was all abuzz at the Copper Box Arena in Olympic Park. Tech gurus and nerds alike had gathered around to see what is new this year in the technology world and to scope out the start-ups battling it out on the Start-up Battlefield for the top prize of €30,000 and a shiny new disrupt trophy. The conference is held every year in different cities in the world. This year London is a proud host to the innovative event and it is about time as most start-ups that compete at Disrupt TechCrunch hail from right here in London and various cities in Europe like Germany, France and Th

TechCrunch announced the competitors for the Startup Battlefield in London

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On December 7, TechCrunch named the startups that will compete for £30,000 at the Startup Battlefield in London. This conference is held every year in several cities across the world, and this week it is hosted in London. Except for money, this award gives the startups a specific status. Since TechCrunch Disrupt was launched, over 500 companies has taken part in the competition, including global brands such as Yammer, and Dropbox, and they have raised more than $5.7 billion in funding collectively. The list of companies fighting for this status includes the producer of intelligent connected car vision system Caruma Technologies, the startup making persona robots Emotech / Olly, the service that lets upload energy bills and get savings and insights EnergyElephant, the
Bitwalking: generate money by walking

Bitwalking: generate money by walking

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Bitwalking dollars is set to revolutionise how you can earn money and also help the environment.  A new digital currency is being launched where anyone can earn simply by walking around.  The App is designed to count and verify your steps as you get paid for moving from place to place. The currency was launched last weekend in Malawi, Kenya, Japan and the UK.  The Go! app is free, but requires an invite from Bitwalking to download it from outside these countries. Walking is good for the environment as it means fewer vehicles and less pollution for the planet. Because Bitwalking dollars (BW$) are earned by human movement it aims to support the reduction of global carbon footprint. In the final week of COP21, world leaders from 150 countries and thousands of environmentalists meet agai

Tech City celebrates the progress of women on International Women’s Day

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The achievements of women in technology and the arts have been highlighted as part of an event celebrating International Women's Day.  By Deeksha Sharma Sub Editor Sohini Sinha Tech City celebrated women-hood on International Women's Day.  The event was an a platform for women in technology and arts to exhibit their innovations.Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino,Becky Stewart and Ana Bradley started this event aside of their career in 2013. The event held at the Digital Catapult Centre, Euston Road, was organised by these three women, with 19 women exhibitors and attended by both women and men. It was organised to raise money for Solace Women's Aid, a charity that helps women affected by domestic violence. In 2013, when they started, hundreds of people signed on a wall to muster suppor
Cyclists’ safety first: intelligent bike helmets warn of accidents

Cyclists’ safety first: intelligent bike helmets warn of accidents

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Twelve cyclists crash with motor vehicles in London each day, a new study reveals. Can smart bike helmets as developed by Volvo help to keep cyclists safe?  Reporter: Danae Diz Sub-editor: Hussein Abdel Fattah   A new helmet for cyclists, revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, is designed to make cycling a much more safer experience. The helmet spots imminent crashes through a sensor, which informs the cyclist when they are in the blind spot of a car, prompting them to move aside to avoid a collision. 50% of the cyclist deaths in London happen because of car driver's blind spots, a new major study by insurer Aviva has revealed. The prototype was designed and developed by car maker Volvo and works with a popular fitness monitoring app tha