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A lean Christmas this year as Brent Council cuts costs

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The leaders of Brent Council will tonight propose cutting children’s social workers as part of a bid to save an additional £18.8m over the next three years. The cuts will be part of a wide range of measures launched at a 14th December meeting at Brent Civic Centre. These will include: cutting one in five jobs in the 'Community Services' department, charging residents more for waste removal and setting up pay-as-you-go WiFi hotspots on lamp-posts and rooftops. These £18.8m savings are in addition to a previously agreed package of £28.3m savings. This means over the next three years, the council will make cost-saving measures worth £47.1m. Cllr. Mohammed Butt, the Labour leader of Brent Council, said: "The proposals we're publishing today try to squeeze the very last penny o

Swedish authorities to question Julian Assange

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Ecuador has agreed to allow Swedish authorities to visit Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at their embassy in London     It is understood that Swedish authorities have been able to broker a deal with Ecuador, allowing them to visit the Ecuadorian embassy in London, to question Julian Assange. Mr Assange, founder of Wikileaks, fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London back in 2012. Swedish authorities had wished to extradite Mr Assange, over allegations of sexual assault, dating back to 2010. Mr Assange has denied the allegations, and also feared that extradition to Sweden would result in eventual extradition to the United States, where he believes he would be put on trial, for leaking sensitive US documents via Wikileaks. This development comes after allegat...

Campaigners say climate deal is not good enough

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  Climate change campaigners say the Paris Agreement does not go far enough to reduce carbon emission. UK-based campaigner, Joana Blackman, told Westminster News “we need to leave fossil fuel in the ground and stop extracting it”. According to her, the world will become a safer place if we “wean ourselves of using oil” and move to a future of renewable energy. On Saturday, climate change campaigners protested in London. They said governments across the world had once again failed “to agree a deal that will protect our future”. This comes at the same time as former Nasa scientist, James Hansen, who is also considered the father of global climate change awareness called the Paris talks “fraud”. He told The Guardian website that: “It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bull
French public’s ignorance of EU behind far-right party’s rise

French public’s ignorance of EU behind far-right party’s rise

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The National Front’s rise in the polls in recent years is due to the public's ignorance of the EU system, according to a French political insider and academic. This statement comes immediately after a week which saw the National Front make major strides in regional election, though the party failed to win control of any of the regions in the final round. Marine Le Pen secured a disappointing 42.8 per cent in the northern region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, with the far-right party finishing in third place in the 2nd round of voting in France. The party achieved 27 per cent, just a few percentage points below their result in the 1st round. The Union de la droite nationale, the coalition of conservative parties, emerged as the victor with 40 per cent, while the Union de la gau

Momentum moves to block far-left members

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Pro-Jeremy Corbyn group Momentum has made a series of moves to isolate and exclude non-Labour elements from joining, in a bid to root out members from the far left. The move follows comments made yesterday by Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson. Watson described Momentum as a “rabble” and warned about the possibility of an “entryist problem”. These comments are in response to comments made by moderate Labour MPs about threats of deselection. Caroline Flint MP denounced what she called "deselection intimidation" late last week. Despite these moves by Momentum, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's positions remain fixed. Yesterday, he was criticised for showing continued support for the Stop the War coalition. Mr Corbyn has rejected calls to cancel plans to attend a Christmas fundraiser fo

Pollution Concerns Delay Heathrow Expansion

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A new runway at Heathrow will not be built until the airport can demonstrate its ability to meet required air quality standards. At a meeting last week, a committee of MPs advised that the planned expansion at Heathrow should not be approved until the airport can show it will be able to meet pollution target. David Cameron had previously said the decision would be made by the end of the year. But plans to expand the airport received backlash from MPs and local residents. Labour MP and Chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee, Huw Irranca-Davies, warned that going ahead with the expansion without addressing green concerns "could lead to legal challenges as a result of the potential damage to public health from increased air pollution and noise". The decision will now be d...
A former labour frontbencher finds a solution for the “Generation rent”

A former labour frontbencher finds a solution for the “Generation rent”

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 Tristram Hunt MP says Britain's tax system is flawed. It leads to widening the gaps of inequality and unfairness. Mr Hunt spoke at the Fabian society  on Monday. His speech was mainly focused on tackling Inequality in modern Britain. He said that a "bolder and braver redistribution," policy is a must. The current tax system lacks reason. It taxes work and enterprise too much while tax "unearned wealth" very little. He mentioned that the Tories' inheritance tax cut for the wealthiest estates should be revised. A tax cut for just 6% of households could be better spent on affordable housing and young apprenticeships. "Property wealth is one of the biggest sources of inequality in this country, but for too long we have been content to put up with the regressive, out of date, and

FBI investigates Blatter’s role in ISL bribes

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The FBI is investigating the role of Sepp Blatter in a $100m payment of sports marketing company ISL to FIFA-officials, BBC’s Panorama reports. Blatter denies he was aware of those payments, which were made in the 1990’s. A BBC investigation, which will broadcast tonight, will focus on the role of Sepp Blater in the ISL scandal, where FIFA-officials were paid to hand ISL lucrative television and marketing contracts. Among those officials were former FIFA-president João Havelange – who lost his honorary president title since – and former Brazilian FA president Ricardo Teixeira. BBC tells that its Panorama reporter Andrew Jennings has seen a letter, obtained by America's Federal Bureau of Investigation, in where Havelange talks about the payments he received from ISL. In the letter it’s

French regional elections: is abstention to blame for the results?

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Front National gained its higher score in local elections at the French regional elections yesterday. Considering only 48.1% of the electors actually voted (according to the French Ministry of Home Affairs), the number of abstaining is much higher than the number of FN sympathisers. As Celine Bracq, the head of the Odoxa poll institute explained in Le Parisien, Front National sympathisers went voting. Abstaining people come from the right and left wing sympathisers mostly. «There is fatalism from those citizens. Many thought voting was useless», she said. Voices are rising now against abstention, blaming non-voting for the high results of FN. The philosopher Raphael Enthoven denounced of French radio Europe 1 the “laziness” of abstaining people, comparing them to “spoiled children”.
France should avoid “knee-jerk reaction” to far-right party win

France should avoid “knee-jerk reaction” to far-right party win

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French leftist parties must prove that they can provide a viable alternative to the National Front, according to an EU delegate. This comes immediately after the party's record breaking majority in the 1st round of the country’s regional elections. Achieving almost 30% of the vote, and coming top in six out of 12 regions, Marine Le Pen’s socially conservative and eurosceptic party has steadily been rising in the polls for months. These results come just weeks after the November Paris terrorist attacks, during which 130 people died at the hand of ISIS perpetrators. Following the release of the results on Sunday evening Le Pen’s niece and member of the French Parliament, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, gave a triumphant speech on France 3 Provence-Alpes. She asserted that the FN were now